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Foamex Board Printing Services

Foamex boards are made from compressed PVC and offer a durable, yet lightweight and versatile solution for printing displays. At IPS we specialise in providing eye-catching Foamex board printing for a variety of industries. Whether it’s advertising, sales displays or exhibition stands, a wide range of sectors depend on Foamex to increase brand awareness. Our printing services can bring your idea to life. Consult with our expert team and maximise the opportunity for your business to get noticed.

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Branded spaces

Our Foamex board ranges – perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Our Foamex boards are available in thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm and 10mm. The high quality and robust nature of these boards also means they’re reusable and can handle being displayed indoors and outdoors while maintaining their smooth finish. We provide bespoke designs tailored to what your business needs and take pride in offering print solutions to even the most challenging projects. If your company requires custom Foamex board printing for a unique design aesthetic, feel free to call us directly on 0115 855 0873 and speak to a member of our experienced team.


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Foamex Board Print with design across surface
Foamex Board with 5mm fine edge
Foamex Board print with design
Inspired Print Solutions Kit Veloblade Nexus

Boost your brand with premium-quality Foamex boards

Your brand can benefit greatly from the high-resolution printing that can be showcased on a Foamex board. Their lightweight design makes them easy to install and transport to different locations. They also make for visually pleasing presentations that can catch the attention of consumers and make a memorable impression. By featuring your design on one of our high quality Foamex boards you’re sure to enhance the visibility of your brand.

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Printing Services

Large format printing

Our Commercial Foamex Board Services

Printed Foamex boards serve as a cost-effective solution to proudly show off what your business has to offer and with our competitive pricing, you’re guaranteed the highest quality visual display to help your company stand head and shoulders above the competition. Even if your idea isn’t fully fleshed out, IPS is here to assist you. It doesn’t matter what stage your project is at, our consultancy will provide creative input and ideas to help produce the best design. Our passionate team of experts will work with you from concept to delivery to ensure your company’s satisfaction.

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A durable yet lightweight sheet made from compressed PVC foam that makes a smooth surface for high-quality printing your design, logos, adverts and more. It is water repellent and weatherproof so can be used inside and out.

Many businesses utilise large Foamex board printing to proudly display advertising and branding signs. The thickness and durability of these boards make them a popular choice for indoor and outdoor use. Different sectors use Foamex boards to display ads, informational signage and wayfinding. Foamex can be used to build in-store promotional displays to promote products and services too. Foamex boards are extremely versatile, and our high quality printing will guarantee people will take notice of your designs.

We can print up to a maximum size of 2500mm x 1200mm but can combine foam boards to create bigger designs so they can be whatever size you like. Be sure to send us an e-mail with your specifications and we will provide you with the foam board for your specific size requirements.

Foamex boards are available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses.

We can print up to 1200dpi. All our printing resolutions are of the very highest quality regardless of the project. We print large format printing as well as smaller tasks and we always deliver on time and within budget.

We use our Veloblade Nexus CNC router to cut accurate and clean holes into foam board. If you don’t know where you need the holes and you’d like to position them yourself, foamex board can be drilled into just like wood. Ideally, use a wood drill bit as it has a pointed tip to help start the hole accurately and prevent cracking or damage to your board. If you know the positioning of where you require holes, ask our team to put the holes into your board for you prior to delivery. Discuss your needs with our expert team.

Our Veloblade nexus CNC router can cut foam board to almost any shape as we are accustomed to creating 3D foamex structures, display stands and more. For bespoke information on the shapes and sizes you require, get in touch with our team.

Give our friendly team of experts a call at this number 0115 855 0873 to begin your journey and order a Foamex board to get your company noticed.

We have our workshop in Nottinghamshire where you can collect your order from, or we will arrange delivery directly to your doorstep. Get in touch to discuss your delivery or collection preferences.

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