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Sustainable Printing

sustainable and eco-friendly printing services.

Our solutions don’t cost the earth.

We use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible to help you reach your environmental objectives. With a wide range of sustainable and eco-friendly FSC-certified materials and inks, we help to reduce the environmental impact of your project, ensuring it won’t cost the earth.

Any materials removed as part of your project will be sorted and recycled where possible.

Printed reusable materials

An eco-friendly way to display your branding is to use reusable materials. Instead of purchasing a new pull-up banner, for example, the printed element can be replaced, using the existing hardware.

A popular option for menus and promotional items is magnetic fronts, such as tesla-flex. Instead of printing new Foamex boards each time there is an update, you can use magnetic boards where only the face is replaced. As well as being a more sustainable approach, this is also a long-term, cost-effective solution.

Don’t replace – refresh!

The use of architectural film has become more prevalent over the last few years as using sustainable solutions and methods within the construction sector increased in popularity. Wrapping doors is a sustainable alternative to replacing them, which increases landfill refuse.

Architectural finishes are highly engineered, durable films, designed to look and feel like real-life materials. These are often applied with heat, by our skilled installers, to provide a realistic, hardwearing finish. This allows you to create bespoke designs using less expensive materials, by wrapping them to look like authentic marble, wood or concrete.

With hundreds of patterns available, the possibilities really are unlimited, making the most up-to-date design easily achievable with architectural finishes. Mimicking the aesthetics of natural materials, architectural films offer you an unrivalled choice of on-trend patterns and an alternative method to up-cycle existing substrates in an affordable, premium finish.

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