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Standard paper and envelope sizes

Standard international paper and envelope sizes

Paper sizes

The ISO 216 standard, which includes the commonly used A4 paper size, is the international standard for paper size.

The most common of the A sizes is A4 (210 x 297 mm) which is the size most letters are sent in, and the size you’d find in a standard office printer.

Each A size is half of the size of the next number down, so two pieces of A4 could be made by slicing an A3 piece of paper in half. This is helpful as it means A sizes all have the same aspect ratio. If you had artwork set at one A size, you could feasibly print it at another as long as the resolution is high enough.

Inspired Print Solutions | How To | A Paper sizes

Standard international paper sizes table

A0841 × 118984.1 x 118.933.1 × 46.8
A1594 × 84159.4 x 84.123.4 × 33.1
A2420 × 59442 x 59.416.5 × 23.4
A3297 × 42029.7 x 4211.7 × 16.5
A4210 × 29721 x 29.78.3 × 11.7
A5148 × 21014.8 x 215.8 × 8.3
A6105 × 14810.5 x 14.84.1 × 5.8
A774 × 1057.4 x 10.52.9 × 4.1
A852 × 745.2 x 7.42.0 × 2.9
A937 × 523.7 x 5.21.5 × 2.0
A1026 × 372.6 x 3.71.0 × 1.5

Standard envelope sizes

The international standard for envelopes is the C series of ISO 269. The standard paper sizes can fit inside the envelopes either flat or folded. See the table below for sizes and examples.

C4229 x 32422.9 x 32.49.01 x 12.75A4 unfolded or A3 folded once
C5162 x 22916.2 x 22.96.37 x 9.01A5 unfolded, A4 folded once, or A3 folded twice
C6114 x 16211.4 x 16.24.48 x 6.37A6 unfolded, A5 folded once, or A4 folded twice
C783 x 1128.3 x 11.23.26 x 4.40A7 unfolded, A6 folded once or A5 folded twice
DL110 x 22011 x 224.33 x 8.66A4 folded into thirds

Fold examples for envelopes

Inspired Print Solutions | How To | Paper envelope sizes | C5 envelope fold
Inspired Print Solutions | How To | Paper envelope sizes | DL envelope fold A4

For more advice on paper and envelope sizes, contact Inspired Print Solutions.

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